Thursday, August 30, 2007

Those Lips . . .


Mike and Anja were such a fun couple. They were joking and laughing the whole time! Out of all the pictures we took that day (at least a hundred!) these two were my favorite . . . not because they were the best, because they showed who they are.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just Because . . .

These are some of my favorite pictures . . . at least of ones that are not of my kids! Pictures of my kids will always be my favorite! I still love these pictures too. I don't know why. Just because.

As my Dad would say . . . Kids! Kids!


I complain about the heat, the humidity, and the bugs, but come evening time, there is nothing to complain about.


Light. I am fascinated with it. In photography it is my best friend and my worst enemy. When harnessed correctly, it is the centerpiece of the photograph.


Kendyll, you are a joy! You are so funny and smart and you are such a good big sister. You are such an amazing girl and I am grateful to be your Mommy!


Noah. You are one beautiful baby! You are also EVERYWHERE! I can't believe how much you have grown. You were such a tiny little guy and now you are a big, 25 pound, walking, babbling, boy! I love my Noah.


Zachariah Tad. What happened to my shy little guy? You are really growing up and coming out of your shell. You are still a Mama's boy. That's all that really matters!


Victoria is such a beautiful girl. She is also a tease, a flirt, stubborn, and smart. You, little girl, are a miracle!

Happiness . . .

Happiness is . . . being in love; being so happy that it shows on the outside; knowing that the person you chose is a partner. Just by being around Brian and Andria, you could feel what happiness is.


Amy is all about elegance and simplicity. She is so fun and I love that she married my brother!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fun is Beautiful!

This wedding was so much fun! Everyone and everything was vibrant . . . the colors, the people, the energy. Kim and Jimmy were fun to be around and the love that they had for each other exploded into everything around them. Who says love can't be fun!