Monday, July 28, 2008


Today my first child, who is also my first daughter had her first day of first grade. I found myself packing her lunch for the first time to take to school last night. She had her first day of all day school, and for the first time, it really hit me . . . my baby is growing up.


Leisha said...

Oh my gosh. She is so grown up. She can't go to school already. Oh man. It seriously brings tears to my eyes because I remember the day you brought her home freaking out. :-)

Alta said...

I know, I know! It is crazy! She is gone most of the day and I really miss her! She is getting so big, I can hardly stand it.

arianne said...

WOW she looks SO OLD! 1st grade already?? we really need to get together again! it has been WAY TOO LONG!! your kids are HUGE!!!